Nokia kicks off Ad Campaign with Smartphonebetatest

In 5days the Nokia Lumia 900 will be available in the US and in 5days one of the biggest Campaigns for it will begin.

In preparation, Nokia just launched, with a few teaser videos.
It's undoubtedly a nokia website, with the customary blue background and their poor attempt to black out the NOKIA logo at the top left corner of the page (where it typically is).
There is also a countdown clock, which currently ready 5days to go, coinciding with April 6th, that's when the Lumia 900 should be in the hands of the many that have pre-ordered it, including myself.

The website has a dude (a notable comedian actor: Chris Parnell), just sitting there, obviously bored and waiting for "something" to happen, like most of us are.

There are 3 teaser videos.

This is obviously a jab at Apple iPhone (video dated in 2007 when iPhone was first released) that do not have the Clear Black Display, Clear Black Display as you know is on most high end Nokia devices and enables you to use your phone under direct sunlight. the message here is if you use an iPhone then don't go outside. it's important to note that since the first iPhone, Apple hasn't improved on this feature

This is also another jab at Apple's iPhone, as you can see the video is dated in 2007, when the first iPhone came out.
iPhones are the most fragile phones today, coincidentally a friend of mine updated his Facebook status last night, and I found it assuming I had to share, so the video really proves a very valid point.

and the last teaser,
With this video, Nokia feels they have to remind consumers about Apple's infamous gaffe with its death grip/antenna-gate and what Apple called "user error"which is when you hold your phone in an inappropriate way resulting to massive signal loss.

Marketing here in the US is about attacking your rivals, that's the name of the game, Apple did it for years with its "MAC vs. PC" Ads, Verizon did it with their "can you hear me now" campaign where there was a HUGE jab at At&t, so the US is no stranger to this kinds of Ads, in fact it has worked so far (as long as you are stating FACTS).

Nokia has entered the game, Operation Rolling Thunder has kicked off and they have started by picking a fight with the iPhone,
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