Lumia 900 loved by many, including Chris Ziegler (TheVerge)

I think Chris Ziegler of TheVerge spoke for a lot of people waiting for the Lumia 900 to be available in his article on why the Lumia 900 would be his next device.

Here's a little accolade from his article talking about the Lumia 800/N9:
"...but they're not at Nokia's level on the Windows Phone side (and considering the circumstances, I can't blame them). But that Lumia 800... my goodness. That design! I don't think it's a stretch to say that the N9 / Lumia 800 chassis could go down as most beautiful device Nokia has ever made. In fact, I think you could say that it — along with the iPhone 4 / 4S — is the best phone design in history. That's not an exaggeration."

I don't think there's anything I can add to that really, I recently bought an N9 and my God, he is not exaggerating at all (watch out for my mega review of the N9 soon).

here's a little excerpt on the Lumia 900 also:
But then, Nokia... then you scale it up to a more reasonable and modern 4.3 inches, add a front-facing camera, and give it LTE. You offer it in your amazing shade of searing, unapologetic cyan, and you sell it in the US on AT&T. It's like you've personally made a bespoke phone for me.

So it's no doubt the Lumia 900 will win the hearts of many here in the US, already the Lumia 710 is already exceeding expectations (as Nokia officials put it) and is selling quite well.

It's a shame Nokia didn't release the Lumia 900 within 1 month of officially announcing it at CES, I was there and I remember it getting all this hype and accolades, I'm just not sure if the hype is still as fresh as it was more than 1 months ago.

I mean, Apple announced the ipad3 and is already taking pre-orders for a March 19th delivery date, that's the kind of efficiency I want to see from Nokia, if they want to compete, they have got to drastically reduce the time between device announcement and delivery (not more than 1 month).

See Chris Ziegler's reason for wanting the Lumia 900 HERE. what's your reason?

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